Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Market? No Problem.

Alexander Chandler, an Agent CEO from Brants Realtors in Fort Worth, Texas, decided in August of 2005 to gain more of a presence on the Internet and re-establish his business. Throughout his career in real estate he has relocated to three different markets and had to build his client base from scratch with each move.

“I ran a high-volume business in my last market and wanted to recreate that in my current market. With this system in place, I had a full pipeline in just months, whereas before it would’ve taken two to three years to grow!”

While HouseValues and JustListed provide him with Internet-based leads and tools to grow them, he keeps his name in front of home buyers and sellers through his HomePages Web site (

“I’m able to incorporate HomePages into my overall marketing strategy where prospects are also reached through print materials, direct mailers, and campaigns.”

He receives several listing appointments each month by referring leads to his HomePages Web site. He sets prospects up on email campaigns to keep in touch with them as his pipeline increases.

“The featured home ads on HomePages helps to strengthen my listing presentation. When setting an appointment over the phone, I invite potential home sellers to look up their listed home. Before ever meeting in person they are able to see how their home will appear on the site. I just converted a FSBO this way.”

“If you want to start a career in real estate or enhance your existing business, while bringing it into this century via the Internet, there is no better system in place than this one!”

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