Monday, February 20, 2006

A top producer in just seven months

Seven months into her real estate career, Carolyn Greer was recognized as a top producer at her company.

“The majority of my customer base comes from HouseValues and JustListed,” Carolyn said. “The systems provide buyer and seller leads which eliminate the amount of time spent answering phones to get prospects.”

Last year, her total commissions from HouseValues and JustListed amounted to 90 percent of her business.

“The possibilities for this system are endless,” Carolyn said. “I already have nine homes listed, two sold, and three purchased through my HouseValues and JustListed pipelines.”

The contact management system helps her stay on top of leads. “This tool allows me to build an ongoing database to maintain relationships with buyers and sellers.”

She considers this system to offer much more than just leads. She learns valuable new skills by attending seminars and working with her personal coach.

Carolyn credits her recent success as a team effort with HouseValues and JustListed. “It takes a team approach to using this system to generate maximum results.”

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