Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Increase your commissions as the neighborhood expert

With all the competition in today’s real estate market, it’s essential for agents to stand out from other agents in the neighborhood to achieve greater success. Here are some of the ways in which agents position themselves as neighborhood experts to win customers and new business.

Provide Value to the Neighborhood
Gerald Richards delivers a valuable neighborhood booklet that includes his brand and full contact information to increase his market presence.

“I did a survey of the entire sub-division and found out who did what -- babysitting, lawn care, etc. -- and made a booklet to pass out to all the neighbors,” Gerald says. “It works great and I update it every six months. The neighborhood likes it and I almost have the entire sub-division locked up.”

Lend a Hand
Cindy Larson positions herself as the neighborhood expert through her exceptional service, which enhances her neighborhood online marketing strategy. She offers this advice on the HouseValues MasterMind Forum:

“Do neighborhood yard sales! Place professional yard sale signs with your name on them, with arrows directing people to the location. On the day of the sale visit each yard sale and bring a dozen donuts or bagels. Go to every other yard sale in the area and introduce yourself. Hand out cards and calendars or pads when you do. I organize this two times a year for my neighborhood.”

She adds, “I perform many services for my clients and they love this one. I start advertising in my newsletter and emails two months out for the one I organize. Then throughout the year people will call me and ask me to help them with a yard sale. It costs me 15 bucks for the ad and the personal relationships are priceless.”

Sign, Seal, Deliver – They’re Yours
Here's my personal advice:

Print up postcards that include your personal Web address and send them out to the neighborhood With local listings, school information and neighborhood data available on your Web site, prospects will be able to get all the information they need on your Web site. Why would they ask anyone else to help them buy or sell a home?

Strong, innovative marketing is the difference between so-so success and stellar results. Your exceptional marketing and services, from yard sales to maps and more, will naturally appeal to buyers and sellers in the neighborhoods you work. When you stand out from the competition as the neighborhood expert, you dramatically improve the likelihood that they’ll choose you to buy or sell a home.