Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More sellers in less time

Douglas Cox reaches more home sellers with less effort and time spent since joining HouseValues. “I subscribed to this system as a way to help maximize revenue and free up more time to do what I do best and that is to sell,” Douglas said.

“This system delivers enough value to more than pay for itself,” he said. “In less than a year I’ve closed seven transactions and earned $80,850 in commissions from HouseValues.”

Douglas benefits from having a HouseValues personal coach. “My coach advises me on which marketing tools to use to get the most results from the system.”

The contact management database works particularly well for him. “It allows me to keep my name in front of more sellers through automated notification when leads come through and reminders of when to follow-up with prospects.

Recently he began marketing himself as a Showcase Agent online on HomePages. “Home buyers are directed to my Web site, where they can view my listings of homes for sale,” he said. “Buyers can also search for nearby locations such as schools and grocery stores in the neighborhood, which really adds to the experience.”

Above all Douglas believes, “It’s a multitude of things you do in real estate to be successful. My clients are becoming more Internet savvy and this system provides me with the technology necessary to connect with the modern seller and effectively market my business.”

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