Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Technology leads to success

After just over one full year of using HouseValues and JustListed, Jeffrey Egdell received a top award from his company for his large increase in sales. "Any award is always a big accomplishment. With a market that is down, to receive an award for increasing sales, I owe much of my success to HouseValues and JustListed."

Unlike lead generation companies he has tried in the past, he saw immediate results with this system. In just over a year, he completed 38 transactions worth over $100,000 in commissions.

He has already listed more homes this year than he did during the same period last year. "I've received a large variety of listings, ranging from high-dollar homes to starter houses."

Jeffrey comments on how this system helps him efficiently run his business. "The contact management database provides automatic follow-up and reminds me when to contact prospects," he said. "The email campaigns and newsletters help me to reach more prospects and save time since they are created and implemented for me."

Business was good before, but it really started booming with the introduction of HomePages. "I have had both buyers and sellers choose to work with me simply because of my easy to use website: www.HomePages.com/Michigan."

For Jeffrey, not only has business increased, but he now enjoys more free time. "It has helped free up more time for family, which you can't put a price on."

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