Monday, January 23, 2006

New agent to Market Leader in under three years...

Another great story from an agent who built a pipeline of future business, and is now bypassing her local competitors with better customer relationships. This comes straight from the HouseValues Mastermind Forum...

Posted by: Gillian Goldrich

I have been pretty successful with my JustListed leads and am working on my 5th client now. I have several that will be ready to go this year and will probably more than double my numbers from last year. This system does work if you are patient and you work it. I think that too many people give up before they get it going. As with all things in real estate it is a numbers game. Mailers, people contact, advertising, etc. the more people you make contact with the more business you will have as there are bound to be several buyers and sellers in your numbers. My patience and perservernce has moved me to the 2005 Top Producer at Coldwell Banker Select Sites in just a little under 3 years.

If you are ready to give up......I'm ready to try and produce something from your lead base.

Gillian Goldrich, REALTOR
BrokerColdwell Banker Select