Monday, January 09, 2006

14 transactions in 2005

This note came in from Donna Richey-Harris of RE/MAX HiNet-All Cities on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum.

Donna’s been very successful with HouseValues. Donna knows it takes time to be successful. She did two transactions in 9 months and then ended the year with 14 transactions.

I'm not an HV employee and I'm "actually making money with this service!"

I've said many times before, I didn't have my first transaction for almost 5 months and then I didn't have my second transaction until almost 5 more months. Basically, it took just over 9 months to have 2 transactions, but then I ended the rest of the year with 14 total transactions from HouseValues and JustListed. Once they're in your system and they're cultivated, they just call out of the blue ready to buy.

I have a JustListed lead that came in last March. She said at that time she would buy the following March. I spoke with her last week and we're waiting for her BK to discharge and she's talked with my mortgage person. It looks as though her time frame of March was exactly correct last year. I have another JustListed lead that came in 2 months ago that said April-May time frame. They were in town last week, and we're submitting an offer tomorrow on a house. Their time frame was wrong. You just never know!!

Hang in there and drop off the CMAs.

Donna Harris, REALTOR®
Re/Max HiNet-All Cities