Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three listings, $1 million dollars...

Here’s a great story sent from an agent in Kentucky to her HouseValues coach, with 3 listings worth over $1 million…..

Happy 2006 to this agent!

From: Barbara Grandon
Subject: Tina Mounger wow

Called this HomePages agent about her new subscription and featured listings. She’s been a HouseValues subscriber since August 2005. She shared with me that due to her HouseValues leads in the last two weeks she has taken 3 listings worth a total of $1 million (3 separate properties) and already has a buyer for the $400k house. Her share will be at least $42,000 in January if they close as expected. And this is in Kentucky!

She admits she was a very hard sell initially, but now says HouseValues is the ‘’best investment’’ and smartest business move she has ever made. Tina attributes her success to ‘’jumping’’ on them once they get the CMAs, and understanding Internet consumers.

Just thought I’d share!