Thursday, January 12, 2006

A kick-start back into business

After taking three months off at the beginning of 2005, Ann Henning of Prudential Sussex Realty in Vancouver, British Columbia found it hard to get back into prospecting. A veteran with 16 years in the business, she knew she needed to make a change when things didn’t turn around by mid-June.

“JustListed seemed like an excellent way to get back into the swing of a busy market which seemed to be passing me by,” comments Ann. By November, Ann had four transactions from JustListed leads, which accounted for nearly 30% of her business in 2005.

“JustListed has such great tools that it makes keeping in contact with leads easy. Before, I tended to lose touch with leads I picked up from open houses and other sources if they weren’t immediate business. Market Leader simply doesn’t let you do that,” explains Ann.

The JustListed transactions Ann closed in 2005 are leading to new business in 2006. “I certainly have a lot more business in the pipeline at the beginning of 2006 than normal,” she begins. “Today, a number of my JustListed leads are getting close to turning into transactions—including leads that are from other parts of Canada,” shares Ann.

One strategy of Ann’s that’s paying off is personalizing the preface to the email listings. “I am getting good response that way, and two couples will be coming out to Vancouver during the next few months to meet with me and start viewing properties,” concludes Ann.

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