Monday, December 26, 2005

In the beginning, he did not believe...

It took a lot of work to get this agent to see how to be successful. Now he’s using every HouseValues product: HouseValues, JustListed, and HomePages.

Here's an email from a HouseValues coach..

From: Kathy Makin
Subject: WOW

I have an agent, Phill Cross, that in the beginning did not believe that the HouseValues/JustListed system worked. We would have coaching calls and go over the paradigms and that the prospects can be long term. Today I called him regarding his HomePages subscription and he said he is loving all the aspects of his subscriptions now! He has already put 5 homes into his HomePages featured homes.

He has had 3 JustListed closings, $11,323 in commissions (2 in December) . He has had 2 HouseValues closinga, $3,840 in commissions. He said the commissions he has received from us so far for the year has paid for his subscriptions and he is looking forward to 2006!