Sunday, January 08, 2006

Follow-up, focus and patience = Success

David Albertson from Prudential NW Realty in Federal Way, Washington is a very busy agent. He manages a team of real estate professionals, and hundreds of prospective home buyers and sellers.

His secret? Streamlined follow-up, focus and patience.

“HouseValues has provided me a way of streamlining my ongoing follow-up with prospects and past clients,” David said. “I focus on a tight geographic area near my home that is easier to manage. Now I’m one of the premier listing agents in my area.”

“I find that HouseValues clients are very loyal. I get more referrals from them than other clients. I’m continually adding to my database of prospects and moving my previous prospects and clients over.”

“The beauty of the HouseValues system is that it offers the complete package for successful prospecting, marketing and contact management,” David added.

“Since becoming a HouseValues subscriber, my business is more consistent, more reliable and more manageable. I’m cultivating immediate business and building long-term, enduring relationships.”

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