Friday, March 31, 2006

Now is your time!

If you haven't read it yet, Business Week just posted a comprehensive cover package on the changing real estate market. Some good insights into how the market is shifting, and how various players - including and especially real estate professionals are responding.

I've become a big fan of Business Week's "Hot Property" blog - it has fascinating insights into what other companies are doing in real estate, trends on home buying & selling, and recently what real estate professionals are doing in the face of a dynamically changing market.

This morning, Todd Gutner wrote about the possibility that "media hype" is adding to fluctuations in the market. What I found most interesting about her post, however, was her final comment about how real estate agents react to a market that was red-hot this year, and suddenly more complicated this year. She writes:

"Some of these Realtors I spoke to were looking to blame the inevitable cyclical nature of real estate on something. Many of them are coming off their best year ever in the residential real estate business, but they seem to have forgotten that like stocks, real estate goes up and down. When business gets tough, that’s when it is time to start thinking out of the box and get creative."

As an Agent CEO, you know that factors within and outside your control are constantly tugging at your business. You have to take full control, and full responsibility, for how your business grows - in good times and in bad. Smart agents nationwide are taking advantage of changing markets and more educated consumers to grow their business, even in tough times.

Use this market to your advantage! Step ahead of your competition and "wow" your customers. Deliver unprecedented customer experience, be the neighborhood expert, and watch your business continue to grow.