Thursday, March 16, 2006

In His Own Words

I'm in Baltimore today, meeting with several successful Agent CEOs and talking about the Internet consumer - who they are, how they behave, and what it takes to earn their business.

Working with Internet customers does require a shift in thinking for most agents, but it's clear that Agent CEOs nationwide are making that shift successfully - and profitably.

John Lasater, an Agent CEO with Beck & Bech Realty Company inNashville, Tennessee, shares below in his own words what an Internet marketing strategy has meant to him:

"As a new agent in mid-2004, I knew that I needed something to jump-start my career. While sending out postcards to various circles of friends and acquaintances to announce my embarking on a new career was well received, I didn't get many warm prospects to work with immediately. Also, I felt that I needed a way to keep track of my contacts and their potential.

In researching possible solutions to my needs, I discovered HouseValues online and did some investigation into the services offered. The idea of getting leads, keeping track of and maintaining professional exposure with them, and getting some much-needed training on the how-to's of real estate seemed perfect for my situation.

I decided to join and so far have closed three referrals from JustListed plus a seller from the group who allowed me to sell her home in the process. These closings total $1,221,030 and have resulted in gross commissions of $28,405. Additionally, I have signed contracts on three HouseValues referrals totaling $387,900 that will generate $7,845 in gross commissions plus another $3,240. Year to date, I have closed one JustListed transaction for a $786,130 home that generated $18,867 in commission.

HouseValues and JustListed leads give me opportunities to pursue. The contact management system allows me to begin building ‘Internet relationships’ with these and other prospects that have proven to be extremely valuable."