Monday, March 20, 2006

Getting the complete picture

“I was looking for a unique way to start my business and get it up and running," said Kara Moll, a new Agent CEO at RE/MAX All Properties in Frankfort, Illinois. What she found was a system that provided a full range of business solutions - from exclusive leads to CRM tools, training and much more.

"I knew that this was just what I was looking for, not only for the fact that it provides me leads, but it also serves as an all encompassing database management and marketing system," she said.

Within two years as a subscriber with HouseValues, she has generated $2.52 million in homes sold and purchased through HouseValues and JustListed. “I’m now a member of the HouseValues Director’s Club because of my success with the system!”

“With the market constantly changing, this system works well because it changes with the times, offering the most up-to-date way to market your business. The email campaigns and newsletters are always current and are automatically sent out for me. I wouldn’t have time to market my business at this level without this system in place.”

To increase her exposure, she is now showcasing her featured homes on her own HomePages Web site. “I’ve been marketing my business on for just a few months and I’m already three for three on my listings!”A

ccording to this successful agent, “HomePages is one of the most innovative products out there geared towards providing valuable information about listed homes and the surrounding neighborhood to those looking to buy or sell a home.”

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