Sunday, February 12, 2006

"HomePages was my close"

What are you using in your listing presentations to win more listings? How are you proving to prospective clients that your marketing plan for their home will help their home sell quickly, and for the best price? How are you differentiating yourself and your marketing plan from that of other agents?

Don Allard has a pretty good strategy, that is working for both him and others. I've seen many examples lately of how a marketing strategy with is helping agents win more listings. But more generally, your customers want to know that you're a tech-savvy agent, who will feature their home on the Internet - where the vast majority of home shoppers are these days anyway.

Here's a short success story from Don. Think about what your Internet marketing strategy looks like, and how you're using it to win more business.

Posted by: Don Allard
Post subject: "HomePages was my close"

I just returned from a listing presentation. HomePages was my close. I sold them on the buyers select neighborhood first and homes second. They loved the thought of folks being able to view the neighborhood before they move. Also, the premier/featured home aspect. I have the domain which I posted on Craigslist. The result has been additional sessions on my Web site.