Friday, January 27, 2006

"Why I left, and why I am back"

This is a perfect story of how a prospect management system works and a testament to how treating Internet leads as long-term pays off.

UPDATE: Jesse's story was found and picked up by Realty Times. Read that story here.

From: Jesse Vasquez
Post subject: Why I left HouseValues, and Why I am back

Many of us in this world are very skeptical of quick rich schemes and "if something is to good to be true" then its not true. I joined HouseValues in early February for 2004 like all of you I signed a year contract and I began my journey with many months passed by without a sale from these subscriptions, however about 5 months later I closed 2 deals, I wanted more and more and felt that I should be getting more leads and closing more deals for the $$ I was paying monthly, so i began to complain ie: leads are no good, bogus emails, bogus phone numbers, bogus names, you name it I complained about it , not getting enough leads etc.

Well another 5 months passed by and I only closed 1 deal, what the heck that deal paid for the renewal of my contract, so, I started another year with HouseValues. About 3 months into the contract I didn't close anymore deals, I kept complaining about everything and anything so, I decided to cancel all of my subscriptions; in June 2005 i bought out the contracts and left. But before I left I took ALL AND I MEAN ALL of my leads and prospects.

WHY AM I BACK!!!? Well in my Market leader I had accumulated 80 leads or prospects that I wanted to stay in touch with to see what I could do. I had also accumulated 30 "loser" prospects as I call them. I left HouseValues and went about my business with RE/MAX, did my follow up calls etc. all of a sudden my HouseValues leads started to close!

WHAT? No, that can't be that has to be a fluke, then another one, "oh what a coincidence" then another, well long story short, I closed 25% of those 80 leads. that is 21 sales(!) from HouseValues.

So months after quitting this great company I AM BACK and plan on staying and not being so impatient. The system works it just needs to be worked. I have spent all morning updating Market leader on all my sales.

The reason I am posting this is so that you all hang in there and not get inpatient, work the leads work the system, it works.