Monday, January 30, 2006

"The best listing of my one year career"

No matter where you get your prospects (online, offline, referrals, etc.), it's important to treat every lead the same. Jerry Van Pelt gives a great example below of how persistence and professionalism can win you listings you otherwise might not have achieved.

Posted by: Jerry Van Pelt
Post subject: Treat all leads the same

During HouseValues training and seminars they stress treating all leads the same. Good advice.

Last night I signed a listing agreement for a $585,000 home here in Frisco TX, which is a high priced home here. The best listing of my one year career in real estate.

This was a lead that was listed with another agent when I got it. It expired a few months later and the client called me to list based on the professionalism of the materials and my approach (The HouseValues way).

So, best advice is just follow the HouseValues plan with every lead no matter what you think of it. I do drop off one of the pocket folders in a HouseValues-branded envelope with the CMA, county info, some info about me, the HouseValues letter from the president and a few other odds and ends.

Good luck.