Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Free guerilla marketing strategies

I’ll admit it, the first time I heard the term “guerilla marketing”, I thought it referred to something very different. But it’s not really about advertising to big apes. It’s actually far more interesting, and something every Agent CEO can use to make their business more efficient and successful, and also stand out from their competition.

Guerilla Marketing means finding successful, out-of-the-box ways of promoting your business to prospective customers. It usually means ignoring some of the traditional advertising sources available to competitors, and instead finding new channels that break through to your prospects. That means avoiding things like newspapers, direct mail, and other advertising that most of your competitors already use, and instead trying new strategies that make your prospects stand up and take notice.

There are a lot of great guerilla marketing ideas specifically for real estate agents, available for free, right here. Download the report today, and try a couple in your business. Then tell me how it went.

Have a guerilla idea of your own you want to share? Post it here, or email me at agentceo@hotmail.com.

Great success!