Thursday, January 26, 2006

13 transactions in six months

Six months after joining HouseValues, Tina Whetsell-Mounger of ERA Top Producers in Knoxville, Tennessee booked her 13th transaction generated from HouseValues leads.

“My most productive business for the year was generated after I came on board with HouseValues—including four listings and nine properties sold to folks from out of state,” says Tina.

And that was before she began using HomePages. “Being able to offer sellers a HUGE Internet presence AND market their property with the latest technology of HomePages lets me set myself apart by offering a level of marketing no one else can.”

It’s a difference Tina is quick to leverage. “I have a template letter ready to go out to all my prospects introducing them to HomePages right now,” she shares. Tina credits the total HouseValues system with generating positive replies from her prospects, which she had been lacking in the past. “HouseValues gives me the tools, a massive support system, and a new professional approach. Prospects put together my name and face with my branding and they respond. It’s just amazing!” remarks Tina.

With $1.8 million in transactions for 2005, Tina is an Internet-savvy agent who knows the power of the X and Y generation. “They are educated, sharp, and use the Internet as their first choice of communication,” Tina begins. “If you’re not offering these clients superior marketing tools you will not be in this business five years from now. HouseValues has the perfect plan to help you grow your business and SUCCEED—all with the click of the mouse!”

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