Thursday, January 26, 2006

The power of seminars and networking

Nice post on the HouseValues MasterMind Forum from an agent that attended a seminar in New Jersey this past Tuesday. Talks about the power of seminars, community and networking with other top agents...

Posted by: David J. Weiner
Post subject: Always something new at the HouseValues Seminars!!

Hi everyone on the Mastermind Forum,

I just got back from an impressive HouseValues seminar in Jersey City, New Jersey today, and while I did have to leave early because of an appointment, I did want to share with all of you what I got out of this.

First, Bruce Downs does what he does best, and really gives great info on subjects pertaining to HouseValues, and good insight into what helps make our business more successful, to both the newcomers and the "oldtimers".... I can always count on getting a few "gold" nuggets of info when I go to the HouseValues seminars that will enhance my business even thanks to Bruce and my coach, Traci Mason, who I finally had the pleasure of meeting there. The team in place there together with Scott Smith who really touched on a variety of good things help make their presentation excellent as always.....and the food was delicious also!!

My point here is this.... I think we all can use seminars to help our learning curve and for me, it gives me a rush of enthusiasm about my own business. We all face so many ups and downs on a daily basis, and its refreshing to me to go to a seminar and hear positive things about many issuses relating, not only to HouseValues, but items to help us grow our business.

I recommend the seminars to all.... and being a part of this Mastermind Forum is a great way of expressing so much to so many who do what I do everyday!!