Thursday, December 15, 2005

70% of income from HouseValues

A post from Donna Richey on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum:

Message From: Donna Richey-Harris
From: Dallas, TX
Posted: 14 Dec 2005
Post subject: End of Year ROI stats & success

I'm sure most people have run their numbers though it's not quite the end of the year. I know there are still a lot of doubters, so I'm asking people to post true numbers, or as close to true as possible so others can see the success. My expense numbers are a little skewed because I'm including part of '04 in the stats as I had to pay those HV bills in order to achieve the closings I actually had in 2005 as all these closings were in 2005. Aug '04 - Dec '05 my Rate of Return on my investment with HV/JL was 598%.

I posted over the summer that my ROI at that time was 470% and even though I'm paying those HV bills every month, my ROI still climbed to 598% with each closing. I could easily have taken out the Aug-Dec '04 expenses to make this number show higher, but I wanted to calculate a true number of expenses. HV/JL closings accounted for 58% of my total business. HV/JL income accounted for 70% of my total income.

AWESOME numbers! I just created a spreadsheet that will help me break it down by year for the future, but also a cumulative number as it's always good to know a total that you've spent on a system verse what you're walking away with.