Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Agent CEO Project

Just the name "Agent CEO" is an interesting idea. The idea that a real estate agent isn't just a contractor for a real estate brokerage, but the owner and manager of his or her own business.

I love this idea. I think I heard it first from Mark Powell, who wrote about it in a column for The Real Estate Professional magazine. In talking to real estate agents nationwide, it's become clear that the most successful agents treat their real estate business LIKE a business - including the distribution, delegation and prioritization of jobs and responsibilities based on getting the most leverage out of their day, and most productivity from the business.

Each and every real estate professional across the country has the potential to be the Agent CEO, take control of their business, and significantly increase their success - no matter what the market, no matter what the market conditions, no matter who the competition is.

I'll devote this blog to sharing more about the Agent CEO - including what I think it means to be the Agent CEO, what other agents are doing as the CEO of their own business, and new ideas I think Agent CEO's can incorporate into their businesses to be even more successful.

As you read this blog, please tell me what you're doing to be the Agent CEO of your business. You can email me anytime at