Friday, December 15, 2006

Are consumers active during the holidays? Are you?

About this time each year we can hear agents saying business is so slow, no one buying or selling, I'm going on vacation. Here's several pointers to get you charged up about doing business NOW...while your competition takes a vacation. (Not that I'm against taking vacations!)

High Activity At The End of the Year
· Last year, more than $225 million in homes were sold during the fourth quarter nationwide
· That was down just 1% from the previous (third) quarter nationwide
· In many markets, volume was actually up from Q3 to Q4
· Consumers are still active on the market, and if you’re not active, then someone ELSE is going to get that business

Differentiate Yourself by Staying Active
· If your competitors take the holidays off, that’s less competition to go out and win more business
· It will mean fewer agents competing for listings, fewer agents showing homes…more business for you
· This includes continued capturing and cultivating of business

How Are You Setting Up Business for January?
· You need to build your pipeline NOW to get business in early 2007
· If you don’t set yourself up with early business, how will you start the year strong and meet your goals?

Join Other Agents Who Build Their Business in December
· HouseValues subscriber Donna Harris made more than $100K last year from HouseValues, and was at her busiest (and most successful) during the holidays in 2005
· Countless other HouseValues subscribers have used their November & December leads to both score immediate business, and set up deals for the beginning of the next year. Make sure you are responding to your own lead sources quickly.

Have a great holiday season.