Friday, November 24, 2006

Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising

Many of today’s more technologically savvy Agent CEO’s are using pay-per-click (PPC) as part of their overall marketing strategy. recently wrote a handy article to point out the most common mistakes made with PPC so that your efforts can begin generating results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This short article shows
five common mistakes marketers make in using PPC services and how to avoid them. Here’s the five mistakes, check the article for details.

  • Mistake No. 1: Use your homepage as the landing page
  • Mistake No. 2: Don't bid enough to secure a top spot
  • Mistake No. 3: Don't make your ad copy specific
  • Mistake No. 4: Don't align your landing page with searchers' keywords
  • Mistake No. 5: Don't bother with testing

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