Monday, August 07, 2006

There's a better way to prospect...

Dirk Zeller offers his Four Pillars to Prospecting in his Realty Times column this morning. It's a good read, and I think Dirk is a fantastic real estate trainer and coach, one of the best out there.

That said, most Agent CEOs I know wouldn't follow Dirk's advice. Why? Because based on my ongoing research, agents HATE to prospect. It's a marketing job that every small business needs to do, but few want to do. The smart Agent CEO, therefore, delegates prospecting work to a far more efficient resource - usually combination of other people, a trusted third-party, and good prospect management software systems.

My guess is that many agents today are reading Dirk's column, knowing that they need to have an ongoing prospecting strategy to constantly bring in new business. BUT, they're also grinding their teeth because they don't want to do that work the hard way themselves.

As the CEO of your real estate business, do two things today. One, know that Dirk is right - you MUST constantly prospect for new business to be successful long-term. Two, find a better way to do that prospecting. Work with a trusted third-party to prospect for you, and then use a proven prospect management system to seamlessly keep in touch with your prospects, all with your brand front and center.