Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Strategies for a Changing Market, Part IV

Real estate markets may be changing, but smart Agent CEOs know that there are still many strategies that can keep them on top. Here's the third of four success tips:

Working with Sellers

While in a steaming seller’s market, real marketing was not really necessary; there were quick sales with multiple offers, few contingencies, and very little negotiating. Remember, it was also very frustrating working with buyers in that market. We often wrote up several offers before one was accepted.

In this more normal or buyer’s market (depending on your area), top agents are:

Marketing listings once again: The smart place is on the Internet, with 79% of consumers going online to research information. Smart Agent CEO's make sure their listings are featured with multiple photos and/or a virtual tour, or video.

Price it right: It must be priced to sell, and in good condition. If it is not competitive, it will not sell in many markets.

Obtain concessions: Make it easy for the buyer to buy.

Educated the sellers to the marketplace: Make sure they can be flexible and open to offers.

Practice your objection handling skills:
• Our home is worth more
• We don’t want to pay full commission
• I want to try it myself for a few weeks
• We want an ad in the Sunday paper and an open house every weekend

Tomorow, the vital role of building pipelines...