Saturday, May 10, 2008

7 Habits that will Maximize your Phone Power- Review

The recent MasterMind Call for HouseValues subscribers with Mike Brooks, aka "Mr. Inside Sales" gave agent's tools to be more confident and productive using the phone.

You see, Mike is an expert in helping agents turn their phones into powerful marketing machines. He shared 7 habits to maximize your phone power. I'll list them here and if anyone wants more details on these points I'll be happy to elaborate.

1. Record yourself. How can you improve if you don't know what you sound like? Trust me, if you're not recording yourself you DON'T know.
2. Use prepared scripts and outlines. Get over your distaste for scripts- they build confidence.
3. Qualify properly. It's as much about disqualifying as it is about qualifying.
4. How to listen. Remember the formula- 2 ears, 1 mouth.
5. How to use trial closes. Mike calls them "pulse takers".
6. Discover unique buying motives. Then tailoring the presentation to those motives.
7.Assume the sale, ask for the order. Whether it's for an appointment or to purchase a home, ASK!

Mike also gave the 5 Golden Rules of Voicemail where he offered tips on how to leave voicemail messages that get results.

At the end of the interview agents engaged Mike with some in-depth questions on what was presented.

SUGGESTION: Go check out Mike's website. He offers a ton of free resources that could help you right away. He also has an upcoming 6 week Teleseminar.

Stay tuned for the May 15th HouseValues MasterMind Call invitation to the blogger community so you can learn from the best of the best.

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