Thursday, March 20, 2008

Marketing Profs wrote an article today about “Three Small Tips to Juice up Your Personal Branding” by Dan Schawbel (Premium access only) that I thought Agent CEO’s need to know about.

Basically the 3 tips were:
1. Name and Topic Associations
-Make sure your name and topic are always associated
-Pick domain names with either or -Align title tag with domain = getting crawled and ranked by the google gods
-Use name and topic in keyword meta tags

2. The Consistent Brand
-Be consistent with everything about you, everywhere
-Picture, blog, social network profiles, bio, etc.

3. Be Selective in Choosing Your Social Networks
- 3-5 social networks are announced EACH DAY
-Don’t be tempted to join very many
-Doing so presents multiple issues-
~Maintenance- how do you maintain a presence on each one?
~Personal information is open to privacy issues
-Criteria for choosing
~Volume- is the message board active?
~Credibility- is the network noteworthy with ‘high profile’ participants?
~Relevancy- Make sure you fits the networks common denominator

Today’s world on the web makes Personal Branding easy, fun and effective if you follow a few common sense guidelines.

Happy branding.

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