Monday, January 08, 2007

Is TV advertising possible?

In the last few months I’ve watched as HouseValues has been introducing Agents on TV to a few select markets, wondering how TV could work for agents? Until now television had generally been thought of as too expensive both in air time and production costs for a decent commercial.

The other day in the hall I ran into one of the Agent on TV Account Executives and asked how it was going. She said great and how excited she was to have heard back from one of her first Agent on TV customers. This email she forwarded to me from her client pretty much answers my question.

Hello Debra,

Just wanted to send a quick note and let you how the first couple months have gone with the Agent TV program. Although I was promised 10 commercials per month Our commercial has played an average of 38 times per month driving significant traffic to both my Homepages website and in turn to my personal website. In November my impressions on Homepages jumped 305% compared to September which was prior to the commercial airing.

Those numbers, and having the ability to feature someone's home on REAL TV channels, has been a definite selling point during listing presentations. I have narrowed my presentation down to 8 pages now and the Agent TV and Homepages are two of my key staples. This has already been more than I expected honestly, customers are already saying yes to me after page one! Plus, I am able to charge a premium for my services as I am offering options almost no one else can.

A huge addition (and please don't charge me additional for this!:) is that I have had a homepages account for my area (Rogers, MN) for a year and averaged maybe 1 lead per month, over the last 3 months I would say I've averaged 5-6 new Homepages leads per month, some of which I have already started communications with. This to me is just a bonus as I really signed up for Agent TV for the listing support and market branding. I truly feel at this pace, these leads alone will pay for the product. I'm sure other agents who are signed up for Homepages in my area are also seeing a big increase in leads and are probably wondering what's up!

Bottom line, I'm really happy with the product and a large part of my satisfaction has been working with you. Your responsiveness and dedication to the start up of this product has been really appreciated. Getting me an express DVD copy of my commercial so I could show off my new advertising to other business professionals at a business expo was really awesome and beneficial. Also, assisting me in getting additional advertising items has been extremely helpful.

I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done. This is a great opportunity for us to differentiate ourselves from the competition! Between receiving the leads through and in turn selling them on services like Agent TV and Homepages, HouseValues has been great for my business and will be an integral part of my business plan for years to come.

Thanks for everything Debra.

James Berg, REALTOR®, e-PRO®

Go to to see commercial demos, take a tour, and get other information about Agents on TV.