Friday, April 28, 2006

Internet Marketing made all the difference

Agent CEO Holly Clark was the guest speaker at the HouseValues seminar recently in Fairfax, Virginia, and shared that she had won and subsequently sold seven listings so far this year, beating many more tenured agents in her market. She attributes this to her aggressive Internet-based marketing strategy, including HomePages and

In her listing presentation, Holly actually lists 10 reasons why sellers should list their house with her - the first being her Featured Homes strategy on, and the second is her ability to attact interested buyers with

"By the time I get to JustListed, they're already signing the listing agreement," Holly said at the seminar.

But after the seminar, she had a big listing appointment. She got the listing, with the same listing presentation strategy, and it was her biggest listing to date - a $819,000 home, well above the medium home value in the Winchester area. This is the highest-value listing anyone in her office has ever achieved.

Great work Holly!