Friday, September 01, 2006

Money Magazine: 4 renovations that kill a home's value

The majority of homeowners assume that virtually any home improvement or renovation project is going to add value to their home. But savvy Agent CEOs know that's not true.

This month's Money Magazine points out four renovation projects that oftentimes can detract from a homes marketability, and could even decrease it's value on the market.

Think about how you could use knowledge like this to your advantage. Consumers in your area who may be thinking about selling their home several months down the road could be considering renovations like these.

If you were to offer them advice on which projects add significant value, and which might detract from their home's value, you'll be providing invaluable advice and demonstrating a level of expertise that could surely help that consumer sell their home for the highest possible price once they're ready.

The Bottom Line? Demonstrate a level of expertise and insight at every chance possible. You'll be surprised how quickly it will help create loyalty among your customer pipeline.