Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The power of personalized service

Although many of your buyers and sellers today rely on technology to both research and communicate with you, don't underestimate the power of the right personal touch, and exceptional customer service.

Here's a story from an Agent CEO in Chicago, in his own words from the HouseValues Mastermind Forum. It's a strong message of both high-touch customer service and patience, which clearly has generated strong results.

I hand delivered a CMA about a month and half ago, and the reception I got was so warm that I began to wonder if the lady wasn't my sister. We signed the contract last night; 8% listing commission.

If there's any new agents reading this post, I have some advice for you:

Go and knock on that door, and wear your best smile, and offer them a service they didn't even know existed and more, put them on the drip marketing campaigns and give them some time to reach the conclusion that you're actually better than their sister in-law's cousin who's a Realtor, and they'll list with you EVENTUALLY!